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1601 DeKalb – The Project

1601 DeKalb Ave., an affordable, new construction rental building will serve the local residents and help address the housing needs of the Bushwick community.


Scenes at DeKalb

  • DeKalb Ave View
    DeKalb Ave View


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Get to Know Us a Little Better  


Camber Property Group focuses on the development of mixed income and workforce housing, whether it be new construction or preservation of units and their affordability.

We take a hands-on creative approach to development and collaborate closely with community members and groups, industry professionals, public institutions and private partners to build the highest quality homes that enrich the lives of our residents and their surrounding neighbors.

The success of our projects is rooted in our partnerships with community groups, industry professionals and other critical stakeholders. Building strong local relationships helps ensure that our projects will meet the holistic needs of our residents and the community and that we will be good neighbors throughout the development process.

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