Camber Property Group LLC is an emerging leader in the NYC real estate development world. CPG employs a value-add strategy with respect to all of its projects. The firm leverages its extensive relationship base to identify investment and development opportunities with complex layers of inherent value.

CPG’s principals have deep experience in the development, construction and ownership of affordable and mixed income multifamily housing throughout all five boroughs. CPG combines the latest technology with strong design principles to build and rehabilitate buildings that will operate sustainably and cost effectively, and withstand the test of time.

The practice of real estate development is comprised of a series of interlocking decisions that have lasting effects on communities. At CPG, those communities are of paramount importance. All decisions – whether large or small – are made by the firm by paying careful attention to cause/effect on the full spectrum of stakeholders, whether they’re community members, institutions, or government officials.

At CPG We Believe:

  • Creativity and innovation generates superior returns for stakeholders
  • Thoughtful, quality design and responsible management leads to sound investments
  • Responsible citizenship in the short term opens doors in the long term




Rick Gropper has over a decade of experience in real estate development throughout the 5 boroughs of NYC. At CPG, Rick focuses on sourcing and structuring transactions using his deep relationships with various partners including investors, lenders, the community and government. Prior to co-founding CPG, Rick was Development Director at L+M Development Partners, one of the largest and most prolific developers of multifamily housing in NYC. At L+M, Rick was responsible for the development and preservation of more than 5,000 units of housing totaling over $1 billion in total capitalization. Prior to joining L+M, Rick worked for a boutique adaptive reuse development firm based in New Haven, CT. He has an undergraduate degree from Connecticut College and an MS in Real Estate Development from Columbia University. Rick serves on the boards of New Yorkers for Parks, NYSAFAH 2G and the CHPC Strategic Impact Fund.


Andrew Moelis has experience in complex multilayered real estate financing as well as leveraging private sector resources to maximize public benefit. Andrew focuses on business plan execution at CPG, while simultaneously directing the firm’s overall investment and growth strategy. Prior to CPG, Andrew worked for L+M Development Partners where he focused on affordable housing preservation and market rate development. During his tenure at L&M, Andrew closed over 2,000 units of multifamily housing and worked on the development of a major 80/20 transaction in Manhattan. Prior to joining L&M, Andrew served as an Associate in Empire State Development’s Real Estate Development Group, coordinating the disposition of public sector assets in order to achieve maximum return in both dollars and community impact; and additionally, as an Analyst in Citigroup’s Public Finance Infrastructure Group. Andrew holds a B.S. from the University of Pennsylvania.